💖 I started a YouTube channel! 💖

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Hi fellow blogger friends!

I have been away from this blog for a very very very very long time (T^T) but I’m back, only this time, with a YouTube channel!


I’m still doing lots of recipes, restaurant reviews and outfits posts & I’m creating beauty content too!

Please come over to my channel and subscribe to see my videos! 😀😀

Thank you xscreen-shot-2017-03-01-at-18-32-48


Crepe Cake | Recipe


Hi everyone! I know I have taken a mahussive break from my blog 😦 (life got in the way, Uni, to be precise) but I’m back for good now so keep your eyes peeled for upcoming content! (Lots of travel content coming soon!)

So today I’ve brought a recipe that I actually made quite some time ago but better late than never right?! haha.

It’s called a crepe cake which involves layers and layers of crepes with yummy filling to resemble a cake (Shut the front door!), real dessert heaven! It’s perfect for any occasion; birthdays, celebrations or just any ordinary day if you’re anything like me 🙂

Coya | Piccadilly


Hi everyone! I’ve been really busy with university assignments in the past few weeks but I’m back today with a few pictures from the lux Peruvian restaurant – Coya.

The address says Piccadilly but it’s actually very near to hyde park corner station, so don’t do what I did and walk all the way from Piccadilly Circus and get the bus or the tube! 😂

Melba at the Savoy | Charing Cross


Hi lovelys! This time I’m back with something to satisfy your sweet tooth. I went to explore the amazing selection of ecaires and tarts at Melba at the Savoy after seeing some pictures on my Instagram.

Chickpea Bolognese | Vegetarian


Hi loves! Today I have another recipe to share with you, it’s my vegetarian Bolognese sauce. I try my best to not eat red meat as much so this recipe is perfect for satisfying my meat cravings. The texture that blitzed chickpeas give is somewhat similar to minced beef and is just as hearty. To make it vegan, just omit the cheese or replace it with vegan cheese 😊

The Wolseley | Piccadilly


Hi guys! I recently visited The Wolseley for their afternoon tea and just as I imagined, it was an absolutely stunning place. It was booming with people even at 3 pm but luckily I managed to get a seat without a booking. They also serve breakfast, lunch & dinner so it’s perfect whatever the occasion. View the full menu here.

The Breakfast club | Battersea Rise


Hi loves! Last week I was craving thick, fluffy, all American pancakes and what better place to get some than The Breakfast Club?!  Although you’ve probably already heard about it, the breakfast club is a breakfast and brunch restaurant (but served all day) which sell lots of American inspired dishes like bacon pancakes with maple syrup, pulled pork sandwiches and Tacos.

Duck & Waffle | The Heron Tower


Hi loves! I have a really special post today, I recently went to dinner at Duck & Waffle to celebrate a friend’s birthday and managed to take some good shots for you all!

I have ALWAYS wanted to go here, not so much for the food but the view seems absolutely incredible. It’s on the 40th floor of The Heron Tower, with a glass lift facing the outside of the building. You can see everything going up and it really is very high giving me a few goosebumps!

Chorizo Chilli | Recipe


Hi Lovelys! I have another recipe for you today, it’s a dish I have for brunch at least twice a week because I’m absolutely addicted and it’s so easy to make!

I got the idea from a Tunisian dish called ‘Shakshuka’ which is essentially eggs poached in tomato sauce but I added a few more ingredients like chorizo and simple vegetables to make it more filling. It can easily be made vegetarian by just omitting the chorizo and maybe even replacing it with some beans.

Chez Lindsay | Richmond


Hi loves!

Last week my friend & I had planned to eat at a Korean restaurant in Richmond but it turned out to be closed. Instead we looked up restaurants on tripadvisor and found this little hidden gem called, Chez Lindsay. It’s a french restaurant that specialises in seafood and pancakes, ‘galettes’ to be precise. I had never really ventured out to french cuisine but now I can’t believe what I’ve been missing out on!