The Breakfast club | Battersea Rise


Hi loves! Last week I was craving thick, fluffy, all American pancakes and what better place to get some than The Breakfast Club?!  Although you’ve probably already heard about it, the breakfast club is a breakfast and brunch restaurant (but served all day) which sell lots of American inspired dishes like bacon pancakes with maple syrup, pulled pork sandwiches and Tacos.

I went to the Battersea branch but as far as I know there are 6 other branches across London. I hear that all branches have a different look and atmosphere, the Battersea branch was very laid back, quite small and decorated with nostalgic items.


For drinks we ordered the Iced tea with mint and lemon & the Iced coffee with a double shot of espresso (both £3). I was afraid that the iced tea was either going to be too sweet or too bitter but surprisingly, it was just the perfect amount of sweetness. Here is the full menu.


The pièce de résistance – Pancakes with berries w/ maple syrup and vanilla cream (£9). It tastes even better than it looks, super thick, fluffy pancakes with beautiful cream and maple syrup – it just melts in your mouth! It’s also a much bigger portion than you would imagine, it has about 4-5 massive pancakes so it will definitely fill you up. I would say this is a must-have if you visit the breakfast club.


Then the Half Monty with bacon, eggs, beans, sausages, grilled tomatoes and toasted multigrain bloomer (£8.50). You can have your eggs however you like them, poached, fried, scrambled etc. To be honest, this one didn’t live up to my expectations, it was just average for an English breakfast dish that costs almost double what other cafes would charge you so I personally wouldn’t recommend this one but I must say that the eggs were cooked to absolute perfection.


There are no words…


We also ordered a side of home-style fried potatoes (£2.50) – really small portion for the price I think but it was so so good…The full monty comes with these included so that might be a better deal.


Overall a great cafe, the pancakes especially were uh-mazing, I still have dreams about it (haha :D). If you’re ever craving the real, full out pancakes, this is the place to go.


Restaurant – 3/5

Food – 3/5

Price – 3/5

Service – 4/5

Hope you enjoyed,

Rose x

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